Kremlin’s Grand Palace

Size : 68 x 50 cm

This building, facing the Moskva River, is located inside the Kremlin. It was built in the 19th century by the same architect, Konstantin Thon, who built the Cathedral Saint Savior. Formerly the residence of the Tsar, then place of meetings of the Supreme Soviet, it hosts nowadays delegations and official ceremonies. It has kept on its facade, its Tsarist Eagle.

Daytime view of the High House

Size : 55 x 45 cm

View of Stalinist skyscraper Katielnitcheskaya through vapor smoke hot water plants and the house of Pashkov.

Night view of the High House

Size : 65 x 45 cm

View of Stalinist skyscraper Katielnitcheskaya through vapor smoke hot water plants and the house of Pashkov

The house on the Embankments

Size : 55 x 45 cm

Huge concrete gray building, situated on the embankments, pictured here before the removal of the huge billboard for a great car brand . This place of legendary houses at the time, was for the dignitaries of the Communist Party. A large number of them will be executed during the Stalinist purges.

Woman with a riffle

Size : 50 x 45 cm

Moscow is a capital that has plenty of beautiful and impressive sculptures. Unfortunately for photo enthusiasts and walkers, the city is invaded by electric apparent wires, intermingled and suspended freestyle over your head, between the buildings. Here the apparent electric wires are part of the decor, since this woman brandishing the riffle could be imagined caught between the barbed wires.

The half-frozen River Moskva

Size : 55 x 42 cm

At the beginning of winter, nature provides us with some amazing images. Without any montage, this photo is a metaphor for the funny russian expression “Da, Nyet!” That means, if we translate word for word, “yes, no”, or completely frozen or not frozen. Go therefore and understand what it takes …!

Moscow and its boats

Size : 45 x 32 cm

Pleasant boat ride to visit the city of Moscow when the River Moskva is not frozen. This is especially an original variant, to escape the nightmarish traffic in the capital.

Ukraina Hotel

Size : 36 x 28 cm

This gigantic skyscraper, the second highest tower of the “Seven Sisters” built by Stalin after the war, has been transformed into Hotel. It is located along the river and faces the White House as well as a building shaped as an open book, which once housed the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. The hotel offers a spectacular view of Moscow and especially of the modern buildings aligned, staggered along the New Arbat Avenue.

Window overlooking  the Kremlin

Size : 65 x 47 cm

This 15th century fortress which was successively the residence of Ivan III, Grand Prince of All Russia and the one of the Tsarist and Communist leaders, is now the seat of power of the current President of the Russian Federation. This medallion, peaceful and graphic gives us a view of the Kremlin in the colors of the night.

The Swissotel

Size : 50 x 35 cm

View over the roofs and steeples of Moscow slightly snowy. One can see in the distance the high Swisshotel tower, located next to the House of Music, a new concert hall in Moscow.

Mosaic of the Soldier

Size : 100 x 100 cm

Peoples Palace, symbol of the communist ideology, the Moscow metro is known worldwide as an impressive and beautiful underground museum. Metro Station “Beautiful Village” (krasnocielskaya) on the red line, not far from the chocolate factory Babayevvskaya decorated with beautiful marbles, sculptures, paintings and very rich mosaics, pictures it well.

Kremlin panorama

Size : 100 x 39 cm

Panorama of Kremlin where mingle all architectural styles from different eras, so characteristic of this fortress.

Red October Chocolate Factory

Size : 120 x 37 cm

This chocolate factory built in 1851 by the family Einem, was nationalized in 1917 then renamed “confectionery State No. 1” and “Red October” in 1922 and re-nationalized in 1992. It is located on the southern tip of the island called arrow-shaped “strielka” and consists in a set of red brick which now houses galleries and trendy restaurants.  

Moscow under the rain

Size : 56 x 48 cm

On this photo, taken in the rain, from the window of an apartment located on Znamienka street, we discover the beautiful house of Pashkov, Captain of the Imperial Guard regiment. This building, very long closed for renovation, now belongs to the Lenin State Library.

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

Size : 190 x 36 cm

This huge sculpture, made by Vera Ignatievna Moukhina has been exhibited in Paris during the Universal Exhibition of 1900. Located in Moscow, in the All Russia Exhibition Centre (VVTs) formerly called VDNKh, this sculpture is a strong symbol of Soviet Socialist Realism.