Photomontages, Large Sizes, Panoramas


 Size : 200 x 100 cm

An impressive obelisk depicting a rocket situated on top of the obelisk. It is placed on a huge podium (the Memorial Museum of Astronautics is housed inside) with images of scientists and workers which participated in the space program and Laika, the first ever dog to travel into space. Measuring 107 meters in height and made from titanium, this monument was erected in 1964 in honor of the Soviet astronauts.The monument is situated on VDNKh (which today is the All-Russia exhibition center), it can be seen in the Pet Shop Boys 1993 video “Go West”.

Istra, the New Jerusalem in Pop Art Style

Size : 200 x 72 cm

The abbey church of the Resurrection, built in the 17th century, is a very old patriarchal residence, situated on the Istra river, west of Moscow. Patriarch Nikon had it built according to the plans of the Holy Sepulcre of Jerusalem.

The Kremlin’s Red Star

Size : 160 x  88 cm

The bright five branches ruby red stars, symbol of the Soviet power, adorn the towers of the Kremlin since 1935. They have replaced the Two-Headed Eagle, symbol of the Tsarist power.

Militiaman in Lada

Size : 120 x 36 cm

Militiamen in Moscow are part of everyday life; they are located in the city, almost every hundred meters. Their working car, a Lada in the past, was the most common that one had to wait sometimes for several years during the Soviet era. Lada, in russian usually called “Zhiguli”, is the name of a small boat that is used on the River Volga, which flows near the factory cars and is illustrated by the logo of the brand.

Christ the Saviour and its Volga on the Moskva River

Size : 125 x 45 cm

Opposite Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Patriarch pedestrian bridge crosses the River Moskva to the island of the Red October Chocolate Factory. The Volga M21 car that was there the day of the shooting, is the illustration of the typically beautiful soviet cars produced by GAZ plants in Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky or the first letter of GAZ in honor the writer Maxim Gorky). Putin would still have one today…

The Kremlin and its sentries

Size : 150 x 40 cm

This montage gives us a bright and happy vision of Moscow at night. Under a perfect full moon, we clearly see the beautiful old architecture of the Kremlin, the Palace of Congress and the soft sculptures of contemporary independent artists.
But these artists are free here positioned, planted as strict guardians of the Kremlin. The enclosure always seem so impenetrable and the performance hall center is as crushed by the heavy red star. Spite of all this, the composition is light and pleasant to watch. There are often several ways of interpreting life…

Moscow, its horseman, its history

Size : 200 x 80 cm

Inaugurated by Alexander III the day of his coronation in 1883, the State History Museum located on the Red Square, is an imposing red brick building. The giant bronze sculpture of Marshal Zhukov erected in 1995, contrasts with the style of the building and strengthens the will of magnitude of power which continues.

M… like Mayakovsky

Size : 100 x 50 cm

Vladimir Mayakovsky author, poet, precursor of Futurist movement, very committed revolutionary, lost to russian roulette, and shot himself in the head. The red “M” red on this photo, the first letter of the name of the poet, represents the entrances of metro stations in Moscow. Access is generally through long underground corridors in the depths of the city, which may be a reflection of the political and romantic life of the author …

Christ the Saviour and its reflections

Size : 100 x 70 cm

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour , built in the late 19th to celebrate the Russian victory over Napoleon’s army, was destroyed by the Red God, Stalin. Instead they built a huge outdoor swimming pool.
Rebuilt exactly at the request of Boris Yeltsin, the cathedral was consecrated by Patriarch Alexis in 2000. Where these reflections of the past in the water ….
The central dome symbolizes Jesus Christ and the four minor domes housing the bells, the four evangelists.

Saint Basil’s domes in symmetry

Size : 160 x 114 cm

This photomontage is an iconic illustration of russian domes, very decorative and colorful, perfectly harmonious forms. It represents an impressive visual of stability. However, the daily Moscow as a well as its history, have not always been very quiet. That is why here domes rotate, reflect and split, everyone being able to give free rein to his imagination, interpretation…
Saint Basil’s Cathedral was built one Red Square, along the Moskva River in the 16th century to commemorate the victory over the Tartars by Ivan the Terrible. This cathedral located in the heart of Moscow, can be considered as an icon of Russian architecture.

A tiny grain… of Caviar

Size : 160 x 90 cm

Scarce subtle taste, its size and color vary according to its name. Beluga, Osetra, Sevrouga are all sturgeon’s eggs. This Russian  “black gold”  comes from the city of Astrakhan, located at the delta of the Volga, bordering the Caspian Sea.