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About Icône Galerie

There are many places in Moscow that are, according to our French expression, “Icônes”, references, strong symbols of this country. Russian churches with their colorful decorative elements, their playful and attractive aspects, are integral part of these symbols.

I for one have decided to process and depict them in a brand new and unusual way. I shoot a church at various angles and then create a photomontage using these pictures. It turned out that it has never been done in such way before. I started with church domes and then quickly expanded my use of this technique to other architectural details and lots of beautiful pictures that make up my everyday life in Moscow.

I like to work photomontages in « mirror » effect with symmetrical shapes. Mirrors have always had an interesting symbolic and philosophic meaning. Being a country of great contrasts and oppositions, Russia is relevant for this interpretation.

Icône Galerie allows you to discover photos and photomontages of typically russian subjects, revisited with a  « French Touch » by a French, Muscovite now for 25 years.

You can also get some of these photos, printed on Silk Shawls, Scarves and Accessories. These unique and contemporary creations are made in Moscow.

Patricia der Megreditchian-Chabot