Arty scarves, Squares

120 x 120 cm


As much as the Russian language is very difficult to learn, read and write, the 33 letters that make up the alphabet, from A to YA are pretty and decorative.


The red star of the pioneer, a famous Soviet emblem, updated by designer Olga Soldatova in a contemporary style as a fashion accessory.

Matryoshka, Russian dolls green

Matryoshka, Russian dolls pink

Legendary Russian Dolls …! Decorative items, toys, usually carved in linden wood, symbol of fertility, they reproduce ad infinitium, leaving astonishment each time on the following one.



Carved wooden toy called “Bogorodskaya Toy”, which is the capital city of the Toy Kingdom located near Sirguei Passad. It can be still or articulated with a wooden ball connected to the object via a twine, which, when rotated, activates the movements of the subject. Representing subjects from popular Russian peasant tales, it was a tradition from the XVII century to believe that having a “Borodskaya Toy in the house kept away torment” …


Best toys of the Soviet era, present in every home, mentioned in the prose of the famous Russian poet Samuil Marshak children: She, Nivaliachka, Him, Vanka-Vstanka. Nostalgia of childhood, the doll that switches and moves without ever tipping … Soldiers and other topics are made of blown plastic and are hollow inside.

Luster Museum – Metro

Wonderful luster at the Komsomolskaya station, which is reflected in the huge mosaic ceiling. The Moscow metro is truly an underground museum, rich in works of art dedicated to the country’s glory.

Clouds in Boulatov’s way

A Wink to the Non-conformist Russian artist, E.Boulatov.

Iconic Angels

Wonderful mosaic frescoes of the monument-museum, The Cathedral of St. Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg.

New Monastery of the Saviour Church of St. Romanos the Melodist

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ in the Novospasskoe Monastery, is one of the biggest and oldest churches after the Kremlin’s Cathedral of the Assumption. It houses the tombs of Sheremetiev and first Romanov.

The Cross of Saint Nicholas

This pattern has emerged from the black cross on white background, woven on episcopal Omophor of Saint Nicolas liturgical robes. The cross symbolizes the fullness of episcopal power.

Kremlin & Red Star, black and white sketch

Always a joy to one’s eyes, the Kremlin’s panorama, here devoid of
any gilt. Safeguarding its main and eternal symbol, the Red Star.

Woman dressed with golden domes of Saint Basil’s

On this pattern, the dome-shaped bulbs of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, were photographed then selected and cut to form matryoshkas dresses.


As much as the Russian language is very difficult to learn, read and write, the 33 letters that make up the alphabet, from A to YA are pretty and decorative.


Mixture of two graphic Soviet propaganda posters. One was created in 1925 by Artist and Photographer Rotchenko, the original poster shows Lili Brik encouraging people to buy books from the editor Lenguise. The other poster, “Do not talk,” was created by artists Vatolin and Denisov in 1941. On the original poster are the words of poet S. Marshak, reminding the public to be weary of espionage during the Cold War.

Monument to the conquerers of space (grey)

Monument to the conquerers of space (red)

An impressive obelisk depicting a rocket
situated on top of the obelisk. It is placed on a huge podium (the
Memorial Museum of Astronautics is housed inside) with images of
scientists and workers which participated in the space program and
Laika, the first ever dog to travel into space. Measuring 107 meters
in height and made from titanium, this monument was erected in 1964 in
honor of the Soviet astronauts.The monument is situated on VDNKh (which today is the
All-Russia exhibition center), it can be seen in the Pet Shop Boys
1993 video “Go West”.

Khokhloma Wooden Horses Green

Traditional artcraft created by the old believers mid-seventeenth-century, in the Nizhny Novgorod region, and Kholkhoma, on the banks of the Volga. The motifs traditionally represent flowers, berries or birds. The golden reflections are the result of a mixture of linseed oil and aluminum, which gives this typical metallic appearance.

Caviar, The Metallic Round Blue Box

Scarce subtle taste, its size and color vary according to its name. Beluga, Osetra, Sevrouga, are all sturgeon eggs; this “black gold” Russian comes from the city of Astrakhan, located at the delta of the Volga, bordering the Caspian Sea.