Arty Scarves, Shawls

Red brick building and its “M”, the symbol of the Moscow metro

Size : 180 x 70 cm

This building contrasts with the typical Russian architecture
style. Situated in the very heart of Moscow, on the “Chocoladnitsa” 
Island, it resembles a building in a fashionable New York city
area. “M” – as in Metro, perhaps also Moda, Modern,
Moscow …

Istra, the New Jerusalem in Pop Art style

Size : 180 x 70 cm

The abbey church of the Resurrection, built in the 17th century, is a very old patriarchal residence, situated on the Istra river, west of Moscow. Patriarch Nikon has built true to the plans of the Holy Sepulcre of Jerusalem.

The Kremlin’s Red Star

Size : 180 x 70 cm

The bright five branches ruby red stars, symbol of the Soviet power, adorn the towers of the Kremlin since 1935. They have replaced the Two-Headed Eagle, symbol of the Tsarist power.

Moscow, its Horseman, its History

Size : 180 x 110 cm

Inaugurated by Alexander III the day of his coronation in 1883, the State History Museum located on Red Square, is an imposing red brick building. The giant bronze sculpture of Marshal Zhukov erected in 1995, contrasts with the style of the building and strengthens the will of magnitude of power which continues.

Saint Basil’s domes in symmetry

Size : 180 x 128 cm

Saint Basil’s Cathedral was built on the Red Square, along the River Moskva in the 16th century, to commemorate the victory over the Tartars by Ivan the Terrible. This cathedral located in the heart of Moscow, can be considered as an icon of Russian architecture.