Arty Pocket Scarves For Men

Caviar, The Metallic Round Blue Box

Size : 40 x 40 cm
Scarce subtle taste, its size and color vary according to its name. Beluga, Osetra, Sevrouga, are all sturgeon eggs; this “black gold” Russian comes from the city of Astrakhan, located at the delta of the Volga, bordering the Caspian Sea.


Size : 35 x 35 cm
Draft of a poster commemorating the glory of the Soviet air
forces, a powerful symbol of the system.

Russian Popular Dance, Kazatchok

Size : 35 x 35 cm
Russian popular dance, very happy, where women dressed traditional
lead dance to rhythmic music that highlights the proud character of Cossacks.

The Russian Men Quadrille

Size : 35 x 35 cm
This famous dance, which aimed to highlight the dancers’ costumes is here illustrated by wooden carved figurines, purchased at Souvenirs Market Izmaelovo. These are highly decorative traditional subjects nowadays, clinging to russian Christmas trees.

The Horseman

Size : 35 x 35 cm
This photo is a representation of a traditional Russian motif, typical of the Arkhangelsk region, north of Russia. In this region, rich in handicrafts, artists paint these patterns by hand on wooden boxes.

The Kremlin Walls stamped “Moskva”

Size : 35 x 35 cm
The long impassable walls of red brick fortress enclosing the Kremlin, are as for Muscovites and visitors the iconic symbol of the history and the power of Moscow. This jewel of Russian architecture, located in the heart of the city, easily lends itself to photomontage, through its regular graphics towers and battlements.

CCCP double-headed eagle

Size : 35 x 35 cm
The double-headed eagle, the red star, the hammer and the sickle, CCCP, strong symbols of the tsarist, communist and soviet powers, gathered here in a single image and continue to mingle around in Russia today.

Malevitch Matryoshkas

Size : 35 x 35 cm
Inspired by the colored tunics figures of Casimir Malevich, these iconic images, very decorative, with subtle variations of colors, mid geometric, mid biologics, are representative of the work of the creator of Suprematism 30s.


Size : 35 x 35 cm
A pioneer is the ideological symbol of the Communist youth.
Conveying hope, he had to wear a uniform. It was compulsory for
children to first become “little Octobrists” and to wear a pin with an
image of young Lenin, and afterward they were accepted into pioneers
and wore a red neck-tie which had to be worn every day while field
caps adorned their heads on days when celebrations were held.
Thereafter the best became members of the Komsomol (as always, the
uniform was a white top, dark bottom and of course a pin with Lenin’s